How it all began...

  • Our farm was constructed on the main road in 1890
  • Since 1984, in 3 generations, we have developed the farm with diary farming
  • In 1989 we relocated our stable buildings in the direction of Bergweg
  • After our old farm together with a house and machine hall burnt down by flying sparks during the storm “Wibke” on 27.02.1990, we started a new construction of our house in the spring of 1990.
  • On 15th of May 1991 we moved happily in our new house.
  • In summer 1992 we accepted the first guests in Berghof.

Since that we have spent many happy hours with our friendly guests from near and far.

Bärenstarker Urlaub

Im Rahmen des Gütesiegels "Qualitätsoffensive bärenstarker Familienurlaub" erhielt unser Bauernhof für seine familien- freundlichen Angebote vier von fünf Bärchen. 

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