Children’s paradise

Our Berghof-Children Program

Dear children, you will experience here something special! 

Our Berghof Children Program will make a holiday a very special experience for your children…

  • To ride on the tractor, make hay;
  • Access to rabbits any time and to the goats Liese and Lotte in a small animal park;
  • Stroke cats, feed ducks;
  • Twist bread and grilling on a campfire;
  • Large fleet of vehicle (bobby car, pedal tractor and much more);
  • Playhouse for little doll mummies;
  • Sand boxes for little ones, playground with a swing, a slide and a tree house;
  • Playroom with a huge board and shop;
  • Table tennis;
  • A lot of games and books.

Our farm offers unforgettable adventures especially for our little guests. After playing football or kicker they can have a good time by grilling twist bread or potatoes on campfire in the evenings.

In the meanwhile little doll mummies can play in a garden shed and the little ones can romp about on a playground, or you go a round by our go-karts with them.

The farmer will be happy to have little helpers by feeding animals in the stable. Children can also watch the farmer’s wife by milking cows.

With a little luck children will be able to witness the birth of a calf. In the evenings to ride on a tractor to bring grass or even to get behind the wheel under supervision – this is a real adventure for any child.

Our ponies Franz-Josef and Sopherl, fjord horses Diego and Flocke must be groomed and fed, before a child can ride them.

We have a dwarf goats Liese and Lotte, a lot of rabbits, ducks and cats simply for a caress. You will see our Berghof paradise will entice your children to play and discover!

 Amazing Berghof-youth programm for the older ones…

  • Swimming fun in the nearby lake (about 1 km away)
  • Football field on the farm
  • Twist bread and grilling on a campfire
  • Playing kicker
  • A torchlight hiking to the lake
  • Training in the fitness room
  • Wild go-karting
  • Playing chess
  • Angling in a fishing lake or having fun just by feeding them.


You can see we have a lot to offer – it will be not boring. Every day a new adventure will await you!